Dear Friends

The Bulldog Club is an interest organization associating owners, breeders, fans and enthusiasts of English Bulldogs. Breeders and owners of English bulldogs with the ambition to improve the breed in the Czech Republic and to delegate responsibility for the breed to breeders themselves who established the Bulldog Club in 1992.

Our Bulldog Club annually organizes two independent club shows, one with CAC title conferment where a lot of club members and non-members participate. Our independent club show has is renown amongst the general public and is visited by large numbers of spectators. Many valuable prizes sponsor the show every year. Participation in the club show is for club members free of charge also.

An asset for breeders is that the issuance of necessary paperwork, pre-registration and breed confirmation and litter controls are free of charge if the breed adviser or person who was authorized by him does it.

A Club committee runs the club whose members are elected by the majority of members at the general meeting. The committee of the club, has minimum three Officials, each having a special function. A President,  Breed Adviser; Managing Director and economist of the club and Show Officer. Auditors supervise the club’s activities.

To become the member of Bulldog Club you have to be older 18 years including foreigners. As a foreigner you may become a member without a dog only because of rule out control of litters and issuing of pedigrees. Membership subscription is 2000, - CZK per year for the first two years and 1500, - CZK per year thereafter. For member's family membership the subscription 1000, - CZK per year. The Family member has same rights and responsibilities as other club members.

The Bulldog Club provides its services for nonmembers as well.

We are looking forward to welcoming new Bulldog Club members and fans of English bulldogs.