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I normally have on offer Puppies for sale as Pets or as Show quality so the price of a Puppy is based upon the quality of the Puppy.

If you wish to Reserve a Puppy, you may do so once the Puppy has reached an age of 4 weeks.  Puppies are normally ready for collection or delivery when they are 10 weeks old.

A (non refundable) deposit of 500 EUR per puppy must be paid to secure the Reservation at the date of Reservation.  I advise the Purchaser when the puppy is ready for collection. The Purchaser then has two weeks from the Advice Date to collect or agree alternative delivery arrangements for the Puppy. If the puppy is not collected by the agreed time then the Purchaser forfeits the deposit and the Puppy is put up for resale.

The price of all Puppies includes the following: 

  • An International Vet Passport; Microchip; Vaccinations & FCI Export Pedigree.

The selling Price excludes the following:

  • Air transport and including cost of Shipping Cage.

In both cases prices will be quoted upon request and must be paid (along with the agreed Purchase price (less deposit already paid) for the Puppy at least 2 days before any such delivery takes place.  Please allow extra time (up to five working days) for the payment to be cleared by my Bank.

Puppies that are delivered by any means mentioned above do so at the Purchasers risk.  Bajoka Kennel accepts no liability for Loss, Theft, Injury or Death during Puppy transit.


All puppies have Vet health check which confirms that they are healthy and without any visible problems. Neither the Vet or myself can provide a guarantee against any future problems that may occur.


 update: 27.04.2015