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Beauty King Bajoka - A
4 months old


Xarles Bajoka - GE
12 months old


Why Not Winner Bajoka - Cyprus - owner Christos
8 months

Yardley Bajoka (Manse) - owner Camilla - Denmark

Youthful Kingston Bajoka - Denmark - owner Mie & Jeppe

Why Not Winner Bajoka - Cyprus - owner Christos

Silent Sapphire Bajoka (Churchill)  - GE

Ultimate Mike Bajoka - owner Zuzana Halamova
Club Show BC - 18.09.2010
Junior Club Winner, Best Junior, CAJC

Secret Beauty Sheba  Bajoka - Germany - 26 months old
sister of  my Sasha - father MACM Johnson

Ultra - Light Sam Bajoka - Germany - age 10 months
brother of my United Marianne Bajoka
signed by my USA  imported male Sam :-)

White Devil - CZ
with his 2 years old friend:-)

Velvet Eduard - SK
nearly 4 months


Pot-Shot Bajoka - Ge

Vanilla Sky Girl - Ge

Unbelievable Unique - Finland

Ultra-Light Sam - Ge

Vigorous Boy - Ge

Unafraid Girl - Ge

Velvet Eduard - SK

Vivid Barbie - SK

Secret Beauty Sheba "Alutka" , Shining Star "Jedrula" , Okey Dokey - Germany
May 2009

Smiling Slugger Bajoka - Indonesia

Secret Beauty Sheba "Alutka" Shining Star "Jendrula" - Germany

Swedish Sophia Bajoka - Sweden
helping with dishes:-)))

Sea Sex and Sun Bajoka - France

Pride of Cribros Bajoka

Swedish Sophia
in new home - Sweden

Silent Sapphire "Churchill"
in new home - Germany

Secret Beauty Sheba "Alutka"
in new home - Germany

Shining Star "Jedrula"
in new home - Germany

Paddington Bear Bajoka  "Paddy" - Finland

Queen Mary Bajoka - Finland

Pot-Shot Bajoka - Germany

Queen Mary Bajoka - Finland

Quick Question Bajoka - "Jaromir Jager" -  Finland

Pride of Cribros Bajoka - "Bob" - SK
Pride of Cribros BajokaPride of Cribros Bajoka

Pretty-Patty Bajoka  "Pepsi" - in our kennel
Pretty-Patty Bajoka
Pretty-Patty BajokaPretty-Patty Bajoka

Nice Nymph Bajoka "Chipsey" - in our kennel
Nice Nymph Bajoka
Nice Nymph BajokaNice Nymph Bajoka

Paddington Bear Bajoka  "Paddy" - Finland
Paddy - showPaddy at home

Quite Mighty Kaiser Bajoka - Grece
Quite Mighty Kaiser Bajoka Quite Mighty Kaiser Bajoka

Picasso`s Finest Bajoka - USA
Picasso`s Finest Bajoka
Picasso`s Finest BajokaPicasso`s Finest Bajoka

Only Dark Bajoka - USA
Only Dark Bajoka
Only Dark BajokaOnly Dark Bajoka

Noble Boy Bajoka  - Germany
Noble Boy Bajoka Noble Boy Bajoka
Noble Boy Bajoka

Neat Nate Bajoka & Marmaduke Bajoka - June 2007 - DK
Neat Nate Bajoka & Marmaduke Bajoka

Neat Nate Bajoka - DK

Neat Nate Bajoka

Marigold Bajoka - Poland - 16 months old
Marigold Bajoka


 update: 04.06.2012